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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Bluever was established in 2019 and is a team dedicated to design lifestyle tech products that help people to transform into a smarter life. Bluever is known for designing and innovating smart devices and lifestyle products. Our objective is to inspire people to improve their personal life and work efficiency. 


Hello X2

EMPOWER your screen with touch

hello x 2 gif.gif

Hello X2 is an easy-to-mount and simple-to-use peripheral that is used on any standard desktop monitor or laptop to instantly transform it into an interactive touchscreen with extra functionality. With the help of its built-in camera and infrared light bulbs, Hello X2 detects your moving finger towards the monitor and translates it into touch and drag mouse actions with high accuracy and no latency. It makes your work and fun more efficient and engaging.

hello x2 spec1.png
built for touch.png
compatible with all.gif

Hello X2 works with any average laptop or desktop with Mac or Windows OS and a monitor screen size starts from 10” up to 27”, and converts them into fancy touchscreens.

It makes the interaction with your computer more intuitive and instinctive, therefore your life and work more efficient and easier.

make space richly interatctive.png
draw drag.gif
click and draw.gif
high accuracy.png

Hello X2 is configured with a camera and infrared light emitter. Any disturbances towards the invisible laser web caused by the movement of your finger in front of the computer screen will be detected by the camera and translated into accurate and immediate mouse actions.


Hello X2 has a feature called accidental touch protection that prevents sleeve touch or swipe, so no actions of your clothes will be inadvertently made.


* The user does necessarily need to touch the screen in order to generate an action.

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